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"There is no better gift than the gift of Giving"

And we are in the business of People. People who love giving gifts and people who love getting.

When it comes to designing, manufacturing & delivering corporate products and promotional gifts in Dubai we have it covered. Regardless of the scale or size of the event, our partner inventory is sufficient items to meet your requirements. We have supplied promotional gifts and items to over 6000+ customers locally & regionally a majority of them who keep coming back to us. We aim to impress, make an impact and create interest.

Our customers come back to us because we provide the best:

  • Prices
  • Products
  • Customer Service

Our service partners have been manufacturing high quality products both locally and internationally for decades.

Our commitment to you:

  • Products Manufactured of the highest Quality
  • We have a proven on-time delivery record
  • Creative designs and ideas
  • We can customize as per your requirement

Our Most Popular are:

  • Personalized Gifts
  • Awards & Medals
  • T Shirt Printing
  • Mugs & Merchandise
  • Promotional Clothing
  • Customized USB's
  • Custom Made Items

We Prepare Gifts for All Corporate Events:

  • Marketing Events
  • Business Giveaways
  • Promotional Items
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Exhibitions Products

We Prepare Personalized Gifts for All Lifestyle Events:

Anniversaries are a milestone in every married person's life. Whether you are celebrating your 1st or your 25th anniversary, it doesn't matter as it is a mark of another year of journey with your partner. So why not celebrate this joyous occasion of your event with personalized wedding anniversary gifts?

Also if you are looking to get married and are thinking of wedding souvenirs in Dubai, steer away from the traditional wedding giveaways like sugar almonds and chocolates. We have a catalogue of unique and smart favor gifts which you can personalize according to your wedding theme and treat your guests with fun wedding favors in Dubai.

  • Weddings
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Birthday
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • All Other Personal Events
  • Festivals & Traditional
  • Community Events

Depending on the company, the event or occasion and what it is looking to achieve, corporate gifts to its customers will vary. Whether it's a road-show to launch a new product, or a Ramadan gift or simply a Thank You for being a customer, the give-aways will differ.

However what every company looks to maintain is a personal touch. One of the most common corporate or personalized gifts in Dubai which are given to clients, customers and suppliers alike are personalised T Shirts and personalised mugs. Regardless if you are a retail company like a salon or a gym, or a huge sports franchise or a global IT company t shirts and mugs never get old or boring.

Most importantly these two corporate gifts are "fit for use" and "fit for purpose" serving both the functional aspect of its usage and also its impact as a gift.

Everyone loves wearing clothing and if well designed and smart, customized t shirts resonate branding very effectively. So many companies now make sure that a lot of thought, creativity and effort is put into T shirt printing in Dubai. They want their en-users to now wear these shirts and use them to full extent.

The same with personalised mugs, they never go out of fashion. Who doesn't like to have a cup of tea or coffee at home or at the office? And one can never have enough of mugs. Every office or home you visit, you tend to notice personalized mugs which have been given as corporate gifts.

It doesn't matter in this new-age of digital, cutting-edge and electronic marketing era, the value of these traditional corporate gifts of personalised t shirt and customized mugs will never become unfashionable. These two products are versatile, easy to manufacture, can be given to a wide spectrum of end-users and will always make an impact to suit all kinds of messaging.

So if you are a company looking to wow your customers and make impressions come and talk to us.